• Friday, April 28, 2017


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  • The Waynesville R-VI School District hosted the Central Spring Games for Special Olympics on Tuesday, April 25, at Tiger Stadium. Many of the athletes arrived at the stadium in police, firetruck and ambulance vehicles. All were greeted with cheers and applause.  Dr. Brian Henry, superintendent, was presented with a plaque in appreciation for the Waynesville R-VI School District hosting the State Indoor Games and Central Spring Games for Special Olympics. 

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  • Operation 22 Victor revealed


    For the past couple of months, juniors at Waynesville High School have been planning a covert mission, known as Operation 22 Victor.


    Juniors would quietly slip away from their Tiger Time classes for private sessions and even had their own hashtag on Twitter: #prepTuesday. Experts provided specialized instruction during weekdays and on some weekends. Students set their own SMART goals to measure their progress. And, finally, on Wednesday, April 19, they executed their mission – taking the ACT exam.


    The focus of Operation 22 Victor was to help juniors achieve a 22 or higher on the ACT by targeting learning objectives for the test’s four subject areas: English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning. All juniors in the State of Missouri are required to take the ACT. The average composite ACT score in the State of Missouri for 2016 was 20.2 and the average nationally was 20.8.


    “We want our students to be above state and national averages, so we set the goal of 22,” said Dr. Kevin Mabie, an assistant principal at WHS and who led the operation. “The twenty-second letter of the alphabet is V; V in the NATO alphabet is Victor; and we wanted our students to be victorious.”


    Beyond bragging rights, ACT scores can have cash values attached to them by colleges and universities.


    “We know that high ACT scores equal college scholarships for our students and we want them to be eligible for as much financial aid as possible,” Mabie said. “Operation Victor 22 is all about our students achieving their best today to put them on a career path tomorrow.”  


    Juniors could earn points by participating in the lessons and those who earned 22 points or more enjoyed a movie at B and B Waynesville Patriot Twelve Theatre after completing the exam on April 19. 


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  • Laclede Electric Competition 

    Four Waynesville High School AP language students were selected to be part of the 10 finalists from 194 entries during Tuesday night’s (April 18, 2017) essay presentation at Lacelede Electric. The students – Caitlin Banks, Travis Ashly, Morgan Patterson, and Noah Evans – are all juniors. 

    Banks and Evan will be representing Laclede Electric in Washington, D.C., this summer for a week with youths from across the country in an all-expense paid trip. Patterson and Ashley will be attending a three-day conference (CYCLE) in Jefferson City.





    The WHS students Caitlin Banks, Travis Ashly, Morgan Patterson, and Noah Evans are pictured with their instructor, Vickie Schrage. 


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  • NMSI presents $100,000 check to Waynesville R-VI 

    by NMSI


    Key military, education and elected leaders, along with some 1,500 students, gathered today at Waynesville High School to celebrate a $100,000 grant from the National Math and Science Initiative. The grant, funded by the Department of Defense, provides Waynesville R-VI with the resources to continue its work in NMSI’s College Readiness Program for Military Families, which was implemented in school year 2014-15.


    Dr. Brian Henry, Waynesville R-VI Superintendent, opened today’s celebration, saying, “Waynesville R-VI is No. 1 in the nation in the growth of AP® math, science and English qualifying scores at Army-affiliated schools across the nation. I am so proud of our students and their teachers. It’s great to be No. 1 number one in the nation and I am especially proud that we have the second highest number of qualifying AP exam scores produced by African-American and Hispanic students in the state of Missouri. I know that I say this often, but it is truly a great day to be a Tiger.”


    He went on to cite Waynesville’s leadership position in the state in Advanced Placement® education as being a result of NMSI’s College Readiness Program.


    “Our partnership with NMSI has helped us become a national leader in educating military children,” Henry said. “This facet of our college readiness program drives students to push themselves and while doing so, they can earn college credit through qualifying AP exam scores.”


    A score of 3 or higher on the AP’s 5-point scale illustrates mastery of college-level skills and knowledge and qualifies students for course credit at the majority of U.S. colleges and universities.


    Missouri Commissioner of Education, Dr. Margie Vandeven, cited Waynesville’s leadership position in the state the past two years for increased success in Advanced Placement math and science as a direct result of the NMSI College Readiness Program. She also highlighted the district’s recognition as a national leader in educating military children.


    NMSI 6 Keynote speaker, Brig Gen James H. Raymer, the U.S. Army Engineer School Commandant at Fort Leonard Wood, said, "The quality of education offered to military children is directly related to Soldier and family quality of life, which, in turn is important for mission success. Given our many moves and transitions, few things are as important to military families as knowing that our children are being given challenging opportunities to learn and grow in our school systems."


    Marcus Lingenfelter, NMSI senior vice president, praised the educational advances made by Waynesville R-VI.


    “We are extremely proud of Waynesville’s accomplishments in the growth of students achieving success in the rigorous AP math and science exams. Their leadership position in the state of Missouri helps ensure that all students – from military and civilian families – will find the highest-quality educational opportunities available in the Fort Leonard Wood community.”


    Lingenfelter highlighted that NMSI’s College Readiness Program launched this school year in Knob Noster R-VIII School District and St. Louis Public Schools with grant funding from the U.S. Departments of Defense and Education, respectively.

    NMSI 5




    Waynesville R-VI School District serves the overwhelming majority of children who have parents and guardians serving at Fort Leonard Wood. Thanks to the NMSI program, the Advanced Placement math and science results in the school system have been exceptional, subsequently earning Waynesville both state and national recognition. For example, after just two years in the NMSI program, the district has experienced a 300 percent increase in successful AP math and science exams and earned the top ranking among all U.S. Army Garrisons being served by this highly successful, evidence-based STEM education program.


    The NMSI Military Families Mission, funded by the Department of Defense and private sector partners, has been formally serving schools educating the children of uniformed active duty military families since 2010. By the fall, the College Readiness Program for Military Families will have been implemented in 215 military-connected high schools across 30 states and serving 89 installations of all four military services. The mission of the program is to provide consistent and rigorous STEM education offerings at the public high schools educating the overwhelming majority of DoD children, to document and validate the student learning outcomes of those offerings via the Advanced Placement framework and assessment, and to enhance the K-12 STEM education pipeline necessary to supply the future scientist and engineer workforce – both uniformed and civilian.


    Advanced Placement® and AP® are registered trademarks of the College Board.


    About the National Math and Science Initiative:

    NMSI, a national nonprofit organization, breaks down barriers to access in education and prepares all students to graduate college and be career ready. Launched in 2007, NMSI's programs improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness, particularly in math and science, through scalable solutions rooted in local partnerships. NMSI has received national recognition for programs benefiting school communities nationwide, including the College Readiness Program for AP teachers and students, the Laying the Foundation Program for non-AP teachers in grades 3-12, and the UTeach Expansion Program that is preparing the next generation of great STEM teachers. For more information, visit

     NMSI 4


     Photos by Marianne Ward 


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  • WHS to host honors program May 16

    The Waynesville High School Honors Program will be held Tuesday evening, May 16, 2017, at 7 p.m. in the Waynesville High School Auditorium. Numerous scholarships and awards will be presented to honorees of the Waynesville High School graduating class of 2017 at the program.


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  • Student of the Month for April

    Student of the Month

    Dominque Lanier, a senior, was named the Waynesville High School Student of the Month during the April 28 meeting of the Rotary Club of Pulaski County. Lanier is the daughter of Col. Tracy and DeShelia Lanier of Fort Leonard Wood. While her senior year has been her first year at WHS and her third high school in four years, she quickly became involved and participates in activities, including the Health Occupations Student Association. She is described by her counselor as intelligent, well spoken, polite, goal-oriented and more mature than her age. She is known as a go-getter, but in a quiet, respectful manner. 


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    Physics students in Nick Parmley’s classes at Waynesville High School make ceiling tile posters of the Periodic Table's elements. 


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    New students to the Waynesville R-VI School District may enroll online at or by clicking on the “Online Enrollment” link across the top of the district’s main webpage at


    New students may enroll for the current 2016-17 school year or may pre-register for the 2017-18 school year by following the steps on the webpage.


    All children from the same family should register under one login account.


    This new online enrollment application saves time and paperwork, but it does not completely replace the need to go to the building to complete the registration process.  After completing the online enrolling application, the student’s birth certificate (kindergarten and 1st grade), immunization record and previous school records, along with all other required documents/records for enrollment, as stated on the District Enrollment Information Brochure, will need to be taken to the school by the parent/guardian to complete the enrollment process.  When you provide the needed documents to the school, make the school aware you have completed the enrollment application online.


    If your student is currently enrolled in the district and will be returning in the fall, your child will automatically be enrolled for the next school year.


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  • WHS Summer School

    A free Summer School program will be offered from 7:15 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. June 5-June 30 for students who have attended 8th through 12th grades. Current 8th grade students will attend 9th grade Summer School courses. The first session will be held June 5-16; the second session will be held June 19-June 30.

    A student may enroll in one course for 1⁄2 credit (one session) or two courses for one full credit (both sessions). A half-day option for two courses will be offered for students that wish to attend from 7:15 a.m.-10:15 a.m. or from 10:15 a.m.-1:45 p.m. Students must attend both sessions in a half- day course to receive 1⁄2 credit for that course. To receive credit, a student must attend ALL of the days within a session.

    Any student who is absent any day from any course will not receive credit and will be dropped from the program. There will be no make-up for missed time. Please also see the definitions below:
    TARDY-A student is tardy if the student is outside the classroom when the tardy bell rings. Students will be dismissed when they receive their third tardy in a session.

    ABSENT-Any student missing 20 minutes of class will be marked absent for the entire day.

    Summer courses are designed to allow students to make up credit or allow students to enroll in courses for enrichment. Enrollment will be limited and advance registration is required. If there is any concern that a student may fail the second semester and wishes to make up the credit during summer school, the application should be completed.

    To enroll, students should complete the application form and return it to their guidance counselor no later than April 28, 2017. Those students needing to make up credit toward graduation need to see their guidance counselor immediately. Due to limited class sizes, applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. No changes can be made after schedules are set.

    A final grade report will be mailed to parents. A copy will be sent to the school the student will attend during the 2017-18 school year.



    Click here to download the WHS Summer School Flyer for more information and the registration form.


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    Honor Roll A big

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  • Semester 1  2016-2017

    A-B Honor Roll

    Adams, Alexis Destiny

    Dickinson, Katalina Haley

    Kelley, Jaylen Jabriel

    Rhoades, Devin Robert

    Adams JR, David Dabney

    Diemler, Edward Stanley

    Kerr, Naryssa Noel

    Richard, Cathaarine Elizabeth

    Adank, Joshua Thomas

    Dodson-Essex, Damien L

    Kersten, Emma Joan

    Richards, Travan Shamar

    Aldenberg, Paige Anne

    Donahue, Natalee Ann

    Kertz, Taylor Sarie

    Rivera, Jordan Preston

    Alexander, Jason Duane

    Dooley, Katherine Elizabeth

    King, Lindzie Michelle

    Rivera, Ricky Angel

    Aliksa, Hilda H.

    Drehle, Braden Thomas

    Kirby, Kyle Zachery

    Roberts, Michael

    Amato, Michelle Ai

    Driben, Meagan Elizabeth

    Klotzbach, Joshua

    Robinson, Haley Elezabeth

    Amjed, Ahmed

    Dubose, Jayla Yvette

    Knell, Adam Michael

    Rosales, Erin Chloie Calangi

    Anderson, Sera Harmony

    Dunegan, Abigail

    Kristek, Grace Anne

    Rosario Carrasquillo, Daysamarie

    Anderson, Shelby Lynn

    Duprie, Breanne Nicole

    Kuhn, Ashtin L

    Rudolph, Alexander Curtis

    Anderson, Ta'maar Key'air

    Durr, Tiara

    Kussman, Sidney Lynn

    Sapp, Seth E

    Anglin, Derick Anthony

    Edwards, Kyrien

    Lash, Xavion Bernard

    Sax, Sean Thomas

    Arizmendi, Lizette Marie

    Egan, Heaven-leigh

    Laszacs, Zackary E

    Saylor, Jordan Jaelin

    Arizmendi, Ruben Fernando

    Emerson, Heather Alexis

    Laughlin, Jesse Dale

    Schooley, Lane Michael

    Arnold, Kelsey A

    Enloe, Caitlin Abigail

    Legrande, Kaitlyn

    Schultz, Kaylee Elizabeth

    Arrington, Shane Thomas

    Enriquez, John B Mendoza

    Lewis, Amberlynn Faith

    Scoggins, Jonathan Daniel

    Ash, Joshua Taylor

    Esguerra, Andrew H

    Lewis, Cheyenne L

    Searcy, Ashanti K

    Avalos, Alyssa

    Evans, Noah T

    Lewis, Michael Spencer

    Sharp, Autumn Leigh

    Bailey, Hannah Corrin

    Everts, Kaleb Lee

    Lofton, Jesse James

    Shipley, Elizabeth Adele

    Banks, Caitlin Joy

    Falge, James Gregory

    Logan, Samantha Nicole

    Shipley-Johnson, Sophia Marie

    Barnes, Tobias

    Faris, Isabelle Zarahia

    Lopez, Hannah Nichole

    Short, Tanecia Illeana

    Bartlett, Ashley Marie

    Farris, Jaime Elise

    Louis, Breanna R.

    Shrum, Austin

    Bartley, Alaixces Skye

    Fejarang, Kiel Anthony

    Lupsa, John

    Shrum, Payton Riley

    Bassett, Clayton

    Ferguson, Kalani Kohler

    Marcum, Cameron J

    Sieber, Zackary Ty

    Baumgartner, Jakob Andrew

    Fernsler, Robert William

    Marin Ramos, Alanis

    Siefert, Julian

    Bean, Shantanecia Dashay

    Ferrer, Krystal Marie

    Martin, Alyssa Kay Marie

    Sigler, Trinity Nychell

    Benner, Maumau Von

    Fisher, Aden Dale

    Masters, Tyler Roy

    Simmons, Anna Faye

    Bernard, Gabriella Michelle

    Forbes, Monique S

    Maxwell, Ben Thomas

    Simpson, Tanner Wayne

    Berrios, Neida Marie

    Free, Allie Marguerite

    Maxwell, Peyton

    Smith, Amber Briana

    Berrios, Steven Carey

    French, Makayla Leann

    Mayrand, Michael

    Smith, Austin Michael

    Bibb, Michela Mya

    Fry, Michael

    Mcqueen, Melanie

    Smith, Blaire Noelle

    Blake, Randy Scott

    Fry, Thomas Gregory

    Mendonez, Danielle

    Smith, Ciara Marie

    Blau, Kathryn Ann

    Fry Perkins, Nels Christopher

    Mesko, Mikayla Dawn

    Smith, Kiara Larie

    Bledsoe, Anthony Nyle

    Garcia, Allana Catindig

    Meyer, Matthew Orion

    Smith, Ryan Valentino-Lee

    Boden, Makenzie Faith

    Garrido, Triston Lee

    Michels, Mason Patrick

    Sneed JR, John Clark

    Boden, Tyler Rex

    Gascon, Sean Bierneza

    Middleton, Kevana Monet

    Sneed, Kristen Elizabeth

    Bohannan, Christopher

    Gatzemeyer, Ethan Matthew

    Mikell, Jonathan N

    Sneed, William David

    Bost JR, Troy Bernard

    Gayman, Tyler M

    Miller, Robert Ethan Hunter

    Soto, Ariana Carolina

    Boyd, Lewis David

    Geraets, Violet Grace

    Milne, Zachary S

    Standifird, Tayte Alexander

    Brady, Edward Thomas

    Ghumm JR, Jedaiah Lee Frank

    Monroe, Caleb James

    Stearns, Devon Andrew

    Brasher, Zoe Nichole

    Goodell, Oasia J

    Moore, Floyd Robert

    Steele, Thalia

    Brauer, Mckayla E

    Gorenflo, Lacy A

    Moore, Jacob Andrew

    Stone, Re'shawna Rosie

    Bright, Jordan Marie

    Gorenflo, Zachary W

    Moose, Brianna

    Swier, Ryan Wesley

    Brown, Kaysean Devante'

    Greening, Nic Bradley

    Moose, Bryan Raymond

    Swift, Joshua Robert

    Brown, Nathaniel Grant

    Grimes, Nicholas Daniel

    Morgan, Reona Kiara

    Tatro, Alexander

    Bryan, Diahjanique C

    Grinnell, Alexander Ramon

    Morriss, Eric

    Taylor, Nathaniel Allyn

    Burch, John Duard Javier

    Gruener, Kaley Renee

    Mujahid, Aminah Hasana

    Taylor, Zachary Allen

    Burns, Taylor L

    Gurley, Allisyn

    Mujahid, Makkah Hasana

    Thornsberry, Jacob W

    Byrom, Kai Gabriel

    Gwin, Teresa M D

    Myers, Lucinda Ruth

    Timmons, Brock Matthew

    Cameron, Alexis A

    Haggard, Claudell Quintez

    Nagel, Jade Elizabeth

    Toyco, Zachary Jones

    Caple, Cody James

    Haggard, Sean Laus

    Nichols, Andrew Jacob

    Tronstad, Lauren Rose

    Cartwright, Kailey Jane

    Hamilton, Matthew A

    Nicol-Vega, Anna Michelle

    Trudell, Andrea Kay

    Casarotto, Dante Jaden

    Handley, Katherine Margaret

    Niess, Zoey E

    Trusty, Chloe Elizabeth Catherine

    Case, Richard David

    Handley, Molly Mae

    O'Barr, Cristina M

    Tullos, Hailey Danielle

    Castro-Pennington, Liliana M

    Harp, Marshall Alexander

    Olivas Gonzalez, Asihuac

    Valentin, Angel Adrian

    Chapman, Jessica Lynn

    Hart, Faith Victoria

    Ortega, Kamaile Jazmin

    Valentin, Victor A

    Chapman, Kylie Marie

    Hartmann, Isabella Marie

    Owen, Noela Jae

    Veeck, Louisa-Marie

    Chartier, Cortnee Lynn

    Hartness, Alexis Raye

    Owens, Natalie

    Vereen, Kirkland

    Chen, Linxin

    Hawley, Brandon Max

    Pack, Caroline Li

    Wallace, Aspen Lynn

    Choi, Aaron Jihun

    Hein, Daphne Angel

    Palmer, Tyler Gisele

    Wallace, Rachael Leeanner

    Cole, Tyger

    Helman, Caitlyn Renee

    Pelezo, Gia Rose

    Walling, Cassidy Dawn

    Collins, Sean Michael

    Hernandez, Ramon Enrique

    Perez, Bryan David

    Wampler, Gionna Elizabeth

    Collishaw, Ashley Rose

    Hill, Jaylen C

    Perkins, Melissa Marie

    Warren, Edward L

    Connell, Haley

    Hofmann, Brandon

    Pilz, Ashton Davis

    Watson, Anthony Scott

    Connor, Feline F

    Hooker, Victoria Ariel

    Pocaigue, Ivy A

    Watterson, Reyna Maria

    Coonrod, James Gunnar

    Houston, Helene Kay

    Poncia, Bailey Renae

    Whitlock, Sareesa C

    Corbin, Nia Alexis

    Howell, Arva Anna May

    Porter, William Jarrett

    Wilbur, Cameron Thomas

    Crockett, Savannah Dawn

    Hubler, Jacob

    Prather, Bryan

    Williams, Jakavein Alexander

    Crosthwaite, Tulio Gervacio

    Hudson, Bryan Andrew

    Prince, Kiara Adele

    Williams, Savannah Barbara

    Cummings, Sierra Ann

    Hussey, Xavier Cade

    Pruitt, Brodasa Imani

    Willis, Samantha Rayne

    Danielsen, Macalah Ellen

    Iarussi, Alyssa Carmen

    Ramos, Andrea P

    Wingo, Jennifer Nicole

    Darnell, Jeremy K

    Jackson, Akayla Ma'kenzie

    Ramos, Angelica

    Woodruff, Jonathan Ray

    Dauphin, Mackenzie Marie

    Jacoby, Jacob

    Ramsay, Kevin Edward

    Woods, Zikia Leenesha

    Davis, Jasmine Masarah

    Johnson, Brandon Michael

    Rasool, Aniah Sharifah

    York, Evan Lee

    Davis, Jayda Christen

    Johnson, Megan

    Ratliff, Christopher Allen

    Young, Schley Joshua

    Davis, Jaylah Lynn-Charas

    Jones, Tyler Ray

    Ray, Daniel Bruce

    Zabek, Krystina Elisabeth

    Davis, Madison Lynn

    Kane, Eric D

    Ray, Katrina Fiona


    Davis, Naiyila Ry'shaye

    Kang, Steven

    Reed, Michaela


    Demalade, Lauren Elizabeth

    Keck, Lauren Leigh

    Regur, Vincent Alexander


    Derr, Jasmine L

    Keeling, Cheyann

    Reiser, Ashton Josiah



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  • Upcoming fine arts events from the Waynesville R-VI School District 

    Apr. 27 (R)       Partridge Kindergarten program – 6 p.m.

    May 2 (T)         Thayer Choir/Bells Concert – 6 p.m. 

    May 4 (R)         Waynesville Choir Festival – 6 p.m. – WHS Theatre

    May 10 (W)      Middle School Choir Concert – 6 p.m. – WHS Theatre

    May 11 (R)       Band/Jazz Band Concert – 6 p.m. – WHS Theatre

    May 14 (Su)     Choir Concert – 3 p.m. – WHS Theatre

    May 18 (R)       Partridge 4th grade program – 6 p.m.


    All events listed above are free, except the Spring Play “Love’s Labour’s Lost.” The cost for “Love’s Labour’s Lost” is $5 for adults, $4 for students and $3 for children, but if you are age 60 or older and live in the Waynesville R-VI School district and have a senior citizens athletic pass, you can get in for free. Those eligible may pick up the senior pass at the Waynesville High School Athletics Office or the Superintendent’s Office. 


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    Waynesville R-VI launches updated app


    The Waynesville R-VI School District is pleased to announce its newly reformatted mobile app designed specifically to keep our families better informed and connected to what’s going on in our schools.


    Waynesville Schools mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The app will deliver real time school news to a smartphone for fast, up-to-date access. The app will feature:

    • The latest district and school news

    • Push notifications about breaking news, closures, weather, events, and more

    • Photos from school events

    • Maps with school locations, phone numbers, and staff information


    If you would like to be connected to a specific school, you may click on one or more of the schools, but you do not have to choose one. 

    If you already had the previous Waynesville Schools app, just open it and it will update to the new version automatically.


    The app is FREE and available for download today:


    1. From a smartphone, go to the iTunes App Store® or Google Play® 2. Search “Waynesville Schools” and you will see the Waynesville Tiger.  3. Then select the Waynesville Schools app for free. You may choose one or more specific schools to be connected with.


    The new Waynesville Schools mobile app is just a few taps away. Download it today!



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    Tiger Pride System


    TigerHead The Tiger Pride System (TPS) aims to reward effort and achievement by offering various privileges to students who maintain a high standard of academics, citizenship, and attendance.  The TPS incentive program is an integral part to the daily school operations and a major motivator for students to put an emphasis on their attendance and GPA.  The program utilizes these qualifications to provide the best learning environment for all students at WHS.



    The purpose of the card program is to proactively incentivize students with relevant privileges that are meaningful to them, such as travel to privilege areas during Tiger Time and the ability to leave for lunch a couple of minutes early to beat the rush.  This program was first developed during the 2015-16 school year and revised with input from faculty and student groups to best meet the needs of our students for the 2016-17 school year. We will continue to monitor and update the system as needed, so the system remains relative and motivating to all students.


    Read More



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  • Paying for your child's school meals


    The Waynesville R-VI School District now offers MySchoolBucks, a convenient online service that allows you to securely pay for your student’s meals online using your credit/debit card or electronic check.


    You can:

        - Set Up Automatic Recurring Payments

        - Track & Review Meal History

        - Create Low Balance Alerts

        - Make Payments with the Mobile App

        - And More…


    Sign up now! Registering for your account is easy, go to Create a secure account and never worry again about sending cash or checks with your student(s) to school again!

    MySchoolBucks – the Waynesville R-VI School District’s new online meal payment system – is free to use to look up a student’s balances/transaction history/etc.; however, a $2 payment processing fee is charged for making an online payment with MySchoolBucks. 


    In the former system, a .29 cents fee plus 2.9% of the amount of the transaction was charged.  MySchoolBucks charges a flat $2.00 fee, regardless of the amount. Parents may avoid paying the fee by sending in a check to their student’s school.


    Debit and credit card companies charge a payment processing fee for payments made online, but many businesses absorb that cost. Waynesville R-VI serves about 1 million meals annually and spends about $1 million more than it receives in income from students and commodities without the additional payment processing fee.


  | (855) 832-5226





    Have a smartphone? Get the MySchoolBucks Mobile App:


    iOS (iPhone) -


    Android -



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Welcome to Waynesville High School, a proud member of the Waynesville R-VI School District serving the communities of Waynesville, St. Robert and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  WHS is the first in Missouri to implement a college readiness program from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), thanks to a $300,000 grant from the Department of Defense Educational Authority (DoDEA). NMSI is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to help improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.